What to look for in a quotation for building work

When it comes to finding the perfect builder to carry out work on your house, you also need to find the perfect quotation that fits your budget and meets your expectations.

Having building work done can be an expensive so the last thing you want is to accumulate hidden costs along the way. Whether it’s hidden costs, additional work, or longer timescales, you probably want to avoid spending more than you originally planned. Here’s what to look for in a quotation for building work…

Fixed Not Estimates

Always get a fixed quote. Although it’s fine in the initial stages of planning to get an estimate of costs, you should always aim to get a fixed quote. The problem with estimates is that they can change and sometimes that means a rise in costs. Don’t forget to make sure you know how long the price is valid, you never know when prices might increase if your quote expires. You should also always ensure that VAT is included in the quote.

A Detailed Breakdown

Don’t just look for the number on the bottom line. Even if you are happy with the final price, it’s best to know exactly what is included. The breakdown should cover all of the work that is being done, all materials being used, and anything else that is being covered in the cost. A detailed breakdown will provide additional breakdowns of different materials and small tasks.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

You might be happy at first to receive your quote fast but when it comes to building projects, slow and steady wins the race. A detailed quotation will take time. Your builder needs to provide you with a detailed breakdown of everything, work to be done, costs for work and materials, measurements, and everything else. An accurate and well thought out quotation will be worth the wait. 

Payment Plans

Fixed quotations should include a stage payment schedule. You need to know what you are paying, how much you are paying, and when you are paying it. That way you have enough time to check that you are happy with the work and that Building Control have signed off each stage before you pay for it. If your chosen builder is unwilling to put a stage payment plan in place, it’s probably best to steer clear.

Shop Around

Just like shopping for a car, you might not always go with the first price you get. It’s always best to shop around and get a few different quotes from different builders. We recommend getting up to four local builders to provide quotes. Find the perfect balance of having variety without feeling overwhelmed.

Vetted and Approved

We have finely selected building companies nationwide. Our members are strictly vetted, checked, and continuously monitored throughout their membership to ensure the highest standard of work.

Whether it’s a price for a house extension or a new build quote, we will find Master Builders who are right for you and what you want to achieve.

Unlike other associations, we don’t automatically match the builders to you. We carefully select the building company that matches your criteria. If you’re looking for a quotation for building work, post your job on our website.


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  1. This blog post provides excellent guidance on what to consider when obtaining a quotation for building work, emphasising the importance of thoroughness and clarity to avoid hidden costs.

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